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Wind Farm Initial Site Assessment

The initial site assessment covers all aspects of aviation operations, and identifies any likely aviation stakeholder issues and objections by examining the following in both on and offshore environments:


  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  • Airfield Technical Safeguarding to include the following types of radar:
    • Primary Surveillance Radar
    • Secondary Surveillance Radar
    • Precision Approach Radar
  • Airfield Physical Safeguarding
  • Air Defence Radar
  • Low Flying
  • Danger and Exercise Areas
  • Meteorological Office Weather Radars
  • Maritime Military Operations (Offshore only)

Civil Aviation

  • Radar Equipped Aerodromes
  • All non radar equipped licensed and unlicensed aerodromes
  • Technical Safeguarding Requirements
  • Physical Safeguarding Requirements
  • Gliding Sites
  • Parachute Sites
  • Micro-light Sites
  • Terminal Airspace
  • All other airspace issues


  • En Route Radar
  • Controlled Airspace

The assessment is written in plain English and avoids the use of impenetrable aviation jargon and abbreviations and includes radar propagation modelling against all of the types of radar listed above. Using accurate radar propagation software we assess each turbine individually against every radar and predict whether or not those radars will be able to detect the turbines. In addition, using our extensive technical and operational expertise, we are able to accurately predict whether any turbine induced radar effects are likely to be operationally significant and where possible and appropriate, propose mitigation strategies in order to enable any objections to be removed.  As importantly, the report clearly advises developers when a site is never likely to be able to overcome significant and genuine aviation issues

Support to Developers

We offer a range of support to developers to include:

  • Representing or supporting developers in negotiations with aviation stakeholders including but not limited to:
    • MOD; RN, RAF, Army, TESD
    • CAA
    • NATS
    • Individual Airports
    • Site Operators of small airfields and gliding sites
  • Telephone support, particularly useful when developers are out on site and need instant advice.
  • Advice and Support to Developers, their planning consultants and legal advisors in the production of all planning related reports, including Environmental Statements.
  • Technical and Operational Expert Witness support at Planning Inquiries.

Building on the success of our own radar projection and mapping software within the mainland United Kingdom Wind Power Aviation Consultants Ltd, together with our associate company Wind Farm Aviation Consultants Ltd, are pleased to announce that we have expanded our modelling expertise into Northern Ireland.  As a result of significant investment into our mapping capability, the companies are now in a position to offer the same highly accurate radar modelling assessments, utilising the latest Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland terrain data together with our bespoke Rview and Rvis programmes, to ensure the best possible radar assessments of potential wind turbine sites in the province.