About us

WPAC Ltd – Capability Statement

WPAC has a single mission – to provide accurate, sensible and pragmatic aviation consultancy services to the wind farm industry. Our output ranges from initial aviation site reports, ad hoc consultancy, support to developers in negotiations with aviation stakeholders, provision of aviation chapters in EIS’s and provision of expert witness evidence at planning inquiries. We have been successful in negotiating with the MOD, NATS, CAA, civil airports and small aerodromes to enable objections to be removed where it is feasible to do so and have an excellent reputation with both the wind farm industry and aviation consultees. We are acknowledged as credible experts in both operational and technical issues. In addition to our work with onshore developments we are currently supporting a number of offshore wind farm developments in Rounds 2 and 3 and have also provided aviation and radar advice to The Crown Estate in relation to radar mitigation issues.

We have acted as expert witnesses at a number planning inquiries and in each case either overcame the aviation objections or were able to agree conditions which enabled aviation objections to be withdrawn.

Our radar propagation prediction software enables us to accurately predict radar line of sight issues and calculate the base of solid radar coverage, where infill radar is being considered as a mitigation. We are also able to advise clients on the feasibility of any technical and operational mitigation strategies, taking into account the size and location of the development.

WPAC has advised a wide variety of wind farm developers on over 1000 sites, clients include:

  • ASC Renewables
  • Abbey Ltd
  • Air Farmers
  • Airtricity
  • Airvolution Energy Ltd
  • Arcus Renewables Ltd
  • BT Wind for Change
  • Blue Energy
  • Burcote Wind
  • Co-operative Property Group
  • Coreolis Energy Ltd
  • Dong
  • E-Gen
  • EDF
  • EON
  • Eneco Offshore
  • Eneco Wind UK Ltd
  • Energiekontor GmbH
  • Engena Ltd
  • Highfield Wind Ltd
  • Lockheed Martin (UK) Ltd
  • Navitus Bay Development Ltd
  • PMSS
  • REG Wind
  • RES
  • RSK
  • RWE Npower
  • Regeneco
  • Ridge Wind Ltd
  • SKM
  • SSE Renewables Ltd
  • Savills
  • Segen Ltd
  • TCI Renewables
  • TNEI
  • The Crown Estate
  • Vattenfall Ltd
  • Wardell Armstrong International Ltd
  • Wind Direct Ltd
  • Wind Prospect Developments Ltd
  • Wind Ventures
  • Windberry Energy
  • York Green